Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am not your Mommy

As Sparta patrolled the gym floor, calling out slackers, pushing others to move faster, to no one in particular, “Where is the runner”?
On to the next station, the pace is intense, the activities arrayed in just the right order to totally destroy any illusion of “easy”.
This is Boot Camp but I just had to say as she walked past, “Wow everybody seems to be struggling”.
I don’t know what I expected but got, “So what”?
She patrolled on, exhorting someone else down the line to move faster, jump higher, more push-ups, pound the heavy bag or ramp up some other activity that was going too slow.
She didn’t quite say it but I certainly heard it, “I am not your Mommy, if you can’t keep the pace, you know where the door resides.”
This is Boot Camp, just like training in the army or some pro sport; no one really cares if you are struggling.
You are either going to make it or move to a different activity like eating or television watching.
It is interesting to note that the women in Boot Camp don’t complain as much as the men.
I guess that is the fault of our real mommies who tried to protect their little boys at every turn.
I guess most of us are still looking for Mommy.
But here is a little secret.
It ain’t the lady patrolling the gym in Boot Camp.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Was Going On Strike but instead went Looking for the perfect Diet

I had decided to forgo writing another Blog until my friend had posted her first Blog.
But I am unable to “stop talking” and besides it may be years before that Blog sees the light of day.
I have chilled the Champagne to toast the Blog (when it finally arrives) but even that seems too little incentive to make it happen.
Besides I want to talk about the search for the perfect diet.
I must admit it is a struggle to find a diet that is satisfying, has anti-inflammatory properties, is varied and not too hard to prepare unless your live in cook worries about the preparation. (I am not blessed with that kind if life style so I do worry about ease of preparation)
I have been intent on exploring all aspects of “blenderized foods” along with creating recipes from ingredients found in the home.
How much of the daily intake can come as a smoothie?
This mornings smoothie; one medium apple, unpeeled, diced, one half cup of blueberries, two tablespoons of organic peanut butter, five grams of Glutamine, five grams of branched chain amino acids, water and ice, first pureed and then blended.
Voila, a purple looking near ice cream consistency smoothie.
Taste, B+, satisfying, B, varied, B, enticing, C, (I must admit I am not attracted to purple drinks).
Approx. Nutritional Data: Cal-295 Prot-20 gm. Fat-18 gm. Carb-35 gm.
Today’s smoothie was made with ingredients in the fridge so if I stick to the routine tomorrows fare looks like I might have to try an Avocado, Almond smoothie with a hint of JalapeƱo. Adding onions would make it too much like Guacamole so I will go with non-fat milk and omit the onion.
Approx. Nutritional Data: Cal-523 Prot-20 gm. Fat-37 gm. Carb-37 gm.
Other ingredients in the fridge include, eggs, sauerkraut, Horseradish mustard and a fair amount of shredded cheese which sounds like a perfect omelet.
This egg white omelet will consist of 4 egg whites, one half cup of sauerkraut, rapidly heated in the saucepan, and three table spoons of Horse radish mustard along with shredded Cheddar cheese.
Approx Nutritional Data: Cal-255 Pro-21 gm. Fat-6 gm. Carb-12 gm.
I will let you know how it turns out.
The search goes on and I am already wondering about various dining treats that could include beets, black beans, Brussels sprouts, pickles, tuna, salmon, salsa and hummus.
A black bean salmon smoothie or a beet tuna smoothie chills the imagination and may just kill the soul.
In the end maybe I should stick to protein shakes and multi-vitamins.