Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Day in "Paradise"

It is that time of year.
It is vacation time.
I have to wonder, now that I am semi-retired, why do I still call it vacation.
It really is a change of location and an opportunity to spend an extended period of time with grown children and more importantly grandchildren.
It does not qualify as a true vacation as I have nothing to vacation about.
I enjoy the work I do now; gym work is liberating.
In the past I worked and earned a living and gave away life.
Now I live to work to earn healthy life.
The first week was devoted to golf.
I was really bad until the last nine holes on the last day, my partner and I played with two gentlemen who hit the ball a ton, drank lots of beer and smoked cigars.
I didn't smoke cigars or drink beer but I began hitting the ball a half of a ton, putting, chipping and ended up with 44 on a respectable course.
I thanked these two free spirits because for nine holes some of their "karma" came to roost on me.
The second week will be devoted to children and grandchildren.
I have six of the neatest grandkids in the whole world.
Their parents, my children and their spouses are pretty neat too.
This week we will build sand castles, swim in an ocean, spend time at the pool, go to a Princess Party, color, watch cartoons, hug a lot and just rejoice in family.
Sadly two of the grandchildren and my eldest child will be absent this year but I am promised I will get the full Monty next year with a two week visit.
These are the times that make the days fly, these are the times that make me young again.
These are the times that define vacation.
In reality you don't even need to change location; as long as you are in the presence of family be they young or old, you have before you the makings of a great vacation.
Why do we have to get old to learn this?
Oh, I did adopt those two cigar smoking, beer drinking golfers; they helped my game more than all those lessons and they really don't want to be in the will as long as I supply the game and the beer.
So here is to my wife, Paradise, grandchildren and children along with Bill and Pete.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Observation

June 20th, 2011: 151,000 people died throughout the world today.
Some died of cancer.
Some died of trauma, related to suicide bombs, unsuspecting and innocent except for living in a dangerous part of the world.
Some died in surgery.
Some died in their beds at home with family at their side.
Some died of Military Interventions, in Libya, some died in Africa and many had no idea a trip to the market was going to be that dangerous.
Every day about 150,000 human beings die.
Every day some die at their own hands, pill, hanging, exsanguination, overdose, drugs, alcohol.
Yesterday it was announced that a certain person associated with the Jackass Movies died in a high speed Porsche crash.
It was suspected that alcohol was involved.
Where does this piece of news rate among all of the other deaths?
It is a death, it is sad, it did not have to happen.
Roger Ebert tweeted about it and was castigated.
Grief should not be the vehicle for attack.
I prayed for the soul of the person, I know this is "passé" in modern society but I also prayed for the many innocent victims of random and non-selective violence.
We as humans have free will and if we choose to use bad judgement and die as a result, at least we had the choice and the possibility of a different outcome.
Many of those who died yesterday didn't have the choice.