Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Endorphin Tsunamis Crash on Limbic Shores

Sometimes art and exercise conspire to create a unique and powerful inner storm.
Such was the effect tonight in spin class when the song "Shinedown-Second Chance" coincided with a powerful hill climb.
The resistance was turned to "pain" and the tempo, sprint.
It doesn't take a lot of imagination to realize that oxygen debt and lactic acid will soon have the upper hand.
But then something magical happens, at least for me.
I am transported.
The art and the exercise, like reinforcing waves, lift me out of myself.
I am singing, first in my mind, then out loud.
This is something I don't do, even in church during a solemn high mass.
I don't have the voice to sing.
But there it is, I am singing, out loud, unabashed.
A strong wind is swirling in my soul as it expands, ending the pain and closing off the real world.
I am "blind" to the surroundings.
The music enfolds me and I am no longer spinning but instead floating above the fray, Nirvana, I think the Mystics call it.
Unfortunately it ends too soon.
The endorphins finally quell and the Limbic shore is once again baked in the oven of now.
"Lets do it again", says the trainer.
I want you sucking air at the end, not singing".
"You hear that Ken"?
I mentally bow, "Yes Master, Grasshopper has much to learn".
The music starts and I can't help it, the transport is under way.
This time I sing in my mind.
I can do it louder in "hear"  because only I can "here".
Nirvana, still is there.
The endorphins still crash on the Limbic shore.
I hope the trainer goes for number three.
I may just transport out of here forever.
As I go I need to remember to thank her for showing me the portal.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Medicine, Glutamine, Maybe L-arginine, Lots of Protein and Finally Chocolate Milk

Lowering one's Cholesterol is a good thing.
The medicine is very effective but can have side effects such as severe muscle pain and damage.
I went generic.
The symptoms were subtle at first, arm pain, some shoulder weakness, leg cramps and a general feeling of going down the "tubes".
It was at a dinner that some kind lady mentioned all of the muscle issues she had had with a generic statin and it hit like a ton of bricks, "Duh" those were my symptoms.
It seems the side effects may never go away even after going back to the name brand stuff.
Is it time for Red Yeast Rice?
Seems glutamine, a semi-essential amino acid promotes metabolism, protects muscle under stress from breakdown and in my own anecdotal report alleviates muscular pain associated with exercise and has been very helpful in reducing the pain from the statins.
When I forget to take it, I know within three days that I am missing something key in my routine as exercise begins to hurt a whole lot more than usual.
So whence l-arginine?
Seems l-arginine is a big source of Nitric Oxide in the body. NO helps regulate vascular relaxation supports increased blood flow along with oxygen delivery to the end organ, in this case, muscles and has been shown to promote the production of growth hormone plus enhances protein production and fat metabolism.
I have not yet started l-arginine but I am sure it will become part of my new diet.
On to the proteins, 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day; this is a tough prescription but if you are going to work out several times a day for several hours, such as a one hour climb on the stair master, a one hour spin, one hour of interval training or one hour of intense weight training then you are going to need a lot of protein.
The body is not particular and if pushed will begin to"burn" the endogenous protein such as your own muscle and you will find increasing weakness over time.
This is the best sign that you are not getting enough protein in your diet.
Good sources of protein; fish, chicken turkey, eggs, yogurt, beans and occasionally lean red meat and if you are still short a Whey Protein Shake can help fill the void.
Remember 5 oz. of salmon provides 34 grams of protein so to get 160 grams would require almost one and one half pounds of salmon per day.
Well, maybe you are a grizzly.
Last but not least, my favorite, low fat chocolate milk: Post-exercise consumption of lowfat chocolate milk was found to provide equal or possibly superior muscle recovery compared to a high-carbohydrate recovery beverage with the same amount of calories.
So you might say, "he has gone off the deep end", and I guess I have but when you feel this good being in the deep end seems OK.
So bring on the Amino Acid Pâté with the Chocolate Milk Spritzers and keep the party going.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grow Up

We sent you to Washington to cut the deficit.
We sent you to Washington to stop the slide into mediocrity.
We sent you to Washington to put this country back on course.
We did not send you to shut the government down.
We did not send you to worry about your perks and your benefits.
We did not send you to continue the stupidity of the past.
The Moderates, the Conservatives, the Left or whatever you are called need to hear the American People.
We want smaller Government.
We don't want someone telling us how to live.
We want to decide how and where we worship even if it is a quiet prayer in the classroom.
We want our children to pray if they wish to.
We want to decide how to spend our money.
We do not want to have a group Washington Insiders telling us how to believe, how to live, how to raise our children and how to die.
Pay off the debt.
If you have to, raise taxes.
Simplify the Tax Code.
Help Americans earn the Dream.
It is not worth much if it is "given to them".
If you can't make it better then go home.
I will not hate you for failure but I will despise your limited vision of the Future.
If we can no longer dream of the stars couldn't we at least dream of the Inner Planets.
Dream the dream of America, Freedom, Peace, Innovation, Hard Work, Worship and Hope.
If these values fail to inspire then go home and sit in the corner and sulk.
But don't try to remake America.
America is more a vision, more a hope, more a dream than a place and everyone should be allowed to pursue that dream.

Friday, April 1, 2011

An Exercise of the Mind

Alter-egos danced last night
Neath a Moon that shined so bright
Too soon forgot their daytime face
Too soon forgot their daytime place
Found again youth now past
Balanced on a chasm, vast

Toyed with things now best forgone
Hearing now the Siren’s song
Hearing sounds of crashing waves
The keening wind through hollow caves
The song of nature sings to them
They enjoin the primal hymn

The clothes of shame now fell away
They danced on sands
Where they would lay
Drinking in night’s misty dew
Spinning drunk on life renewed
Felt the surge of passions fire
Would too soon burn on that pyre

Glistening forms now intertwined
Flames on flames jumping higher
Breathless sighs and silent moans
Hearing now loves true tones
Enchanted by the living poem

When at last the embers dying
They found release both in crying
For all the time now gone and spent
For all the dreams torn and rent
Then finding finally, renewing sleep
As the night turned ere more deep

The Sun was first to find them there
Covered by the seas own hair
Just Impressions on the beach
Where alter-egos strove to reach
Existence beyond dreams at night
Where silent hopes could take flight
But shattered in the new days light