Friday, July 29, 2011

Now we know why some animals eat their own children

An open letter to the Executive and Legislative Branch of the US Government:

Ladies, Gentlemen, I use the terms loosely, it is time to go home.
You really have no authority to lead this great “wounded” country.
You are damaging it daily and failing to even recognize the harm you are inflicting.
This country was founded by great men who would find you, the "supposed leadership", to be traitors to the ideal and purpose of this country.
Therefore you must resign, leave and allow more rational people to take on the mantle of leadership.
This country was founded to allow all men and women an equal chance to worship and find happiness.
It was founded to allow anyone, who was willing, to work and risk all for success.
It was not founded to let government be all things for all people.
It was not set up as a socialist state, a monarchy or a government over the people but a government by the people, a Democracy.
The states were invested with the power.
The founding fathers warned of the dangers of big government and tried to set it up so that limited government would be the future of the federal government.
Today the politicians are more interested in self-preservation than country.
Today the politicians are more interested in their own return to Washington than any constituency or the country in general.
The two party system is most interested in preserving it’s own life and is sucking the life out of America.
Political correctness and legislative stupidity is sending businesses, jobs and wealth overseas.
Today the business of government has become growing more government.
It has failed and is failing the populace of this country.
You are not leaders and possibly not even bad people but you are certainly misguided and wrong principled.
Our next wars should be a War on Debt, a War on the Failure of The American Educational System, a War on Big and Bad Government, a War on Ignorance and Apathy and Finally a War of Innovation and Creativity.
It would be better for all of you to return to your homes and let real leadership restore the faith in and purpose of America.

Let us then turn this government back into the channel in which the framers of the Constitution originally placed it.
--July 10, 1858 Speech at Chicago, Abraham Lincoln

Monday, July 4, 2011

To Iron Or Not To Iron

Seems an appropriate question for the gym on the morning of the 4th of July.
I am in the gym early and only a few are there, all gathered into one corner of the building.
The trainer is there along with the "Bad Boy", "No Sugar Please" and Runner.
I join the group and soon we are talking about Iron.
You would think it was dumbbells, or a new supplement, or possibly someones biceps, you know "just like Iron".
But no, something much more mundane, the problem with Linen Clothes.
Runner was talking about the need to go home and "Iron" some Linen Shirts
I commented that I had recently purchased several pairs of Linen Slacks on sale and loved how they wore but also complained of the need to "Iron" these after washing them.
"Well", said the trainer, "It is so fruitless, all that work and the minute you sit down, here come the creases".
"If you are going to live in the Islands and pursue the life of Hemingway then that is another matter".
"If you are a great and unforgettable author then the rumpled look is fine".
"On the other hand if you are in main street USA you had better try to keep your creases".
"In spite of that", I said, "I still like the look and feel of Linen".
"So I like Runner will have to do some "Ironing" today as I expect to wear the slacks tonight".
The conversation meandered down other paths as everyone kept pumping their respective "Iron" some on the bench, some standing, some just holding the "Iron" dead in their hands trying to follow the twists in the conversation.
So in reality the gym isn't all muscle and grunting but a "family" interested in Linen, diets, recipes and all other sorts of daily routine that makes life what it happens to be.
So pump "Iron" or "Iron" your Linen Shirts, Slacks, etc. or take your One-A-Day with "Iron" but keep coming back, join the fun, the conversation, the exercise and soon you may turn all of that "Iron" into Steel.