Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Can You Feel This Good

Why is it some days you wake up feeling so good that you can barely contain yourself.
Today is such a day.
I told someone I even went to confession this morning because with all of this energy I needed to talk to someone and besides it is the start of Lent and I needed a clean slate.
I wonder if I can make it through the "40" days?
I kept talking to everyone at the gym but in spite of that also completed a good and strenuous workout especially after they all moved to the other end of the gym because I assume of the incessant talking.
I may go to Spin this evening or try to run a few miles later today as maybe I should avoid Spin as talking is frowned on during class.
I wish I knew the secret to feeling this good.
I would try to bottle it because everyone should experience this at least one day in a lifetime.
This seems to come along every few months for me and then the daily routine tends to grind it down and out.
Maybe it is related to the recent vacation or the two boxes of frozen Brussels Sprouts I had last night.
I can't afford an endless vacation and I don't think I could eat two boxes of sprouts every night although if it is the sprouts I might try.
The only other difference recently has been the addition of two tablets of Melatonin each night for sleep and two tablets of Krill oil instead of the Omega Three capsules.
So I guess I will need to experiment.
First I will stop everything but the Melatonin.
If no difference I will stop the everything and continue taking the Krill oil tablets.
If no difference I will stop everything and try to eat two boxes of some frozen green vegetables every night.
Finally if no difference I guess I will stop everything and hop a tramp steamer and see the world.
By the time I get back I may be too old to remember why I left in the first place.
Here is hoping everyone gets that special day when your energy level is off the map.
Also give me your addresses so I can send postcards from Bora Bora.

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