Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Come On People!

So a dancer at the Super Bowl gave the finger to the audience.
So a "wardrobe malfunction", aka Janet Jackson, exposed something no one even noticed until the announcers made such a big deal out of it.
Sorry ladies.
So Newt Gingrich asked for an open marriage.
So an intern tells of a groping, lascivious John Kennedy.
Don't we all know what is going on in the world?
Don't we all have some clue that all is not well?
Don't we all know the world is bipolar.
We want what we don't want.
We love what we hate.
We eat what we don't need.
We watch what is disgusting.
Who really cares if the Kardashian take New York?
Who in fact are the Kardashians and why should I care?
Who really cares if Lindsy Lohan goes to jail?
Does it affect my life and the things I have to do today?
I don't think so.
I am sorry anyone has to go to jail but quit putting stuff up your nose, quit drinking whilst driving and maybe the "good guys" will let you alone.
I recently read of the billions we are spending to bomb and burn fields of cocoa and marijuana in Central and South America.
Don't you know that if Americans quit buying, the problems in Mexico and Central America would disappear.
We in fact are our sowing the seeds of our destruction and it is called "Will Power" or more specifically "Won"t Power".
Turn off Kim, Lindsy, Crack, cocaine, marijuana, meth and go out and save yourself from yourself.
It starts with an exercise routine and something to believe in beyond yourself.
Then go and eat some healthy food and run a half marathon.
You want to feel some accomplishment?
Do that my friends, even if you die on the road.
It is better than in the bed or worse yet, in the "home".
So as the guy on TV says, "Stay Thirsty my Friend" and I add for "LIFE".


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Robert said...

Words spoken like a true warrior my friend. Ken, you should be an inspiration to everybody. There are few people that you meet on this earth that you are fortunate to call as a friend. God doesn't care about how many you have, what is most important to him is how you prepare for eternal life. You are a good man