Monday, January 30, 2012

65 Is a Highway, a Speed Limit and Oh Yes, My Age

Well this was the weekend.
I turned 65.
I became eligible for Medicare and will be able to apply for Social Security in one year.
But I feel 30.
I went out and ran 6 miles on Sunday, I should have run 6.5, a cruel irony.
I ran with Alice, Amy remains AWOL and on the injured list.
The run was great on the way out and Alice who is able to talk and run provided the "color commentary".
People waved as they drove by and some yelled "funny things" but all in all it was really pleasant and sunny.
Coming back the wind hit us in the face and it felt like we were climbing a wall.
The speed for the total outing ended up at 12.95 minutes per mile.
This won't break anybody's record but for me it is something that makes me happy.
Alice and Amy can easily run a faster pace but they defer to the old guy.
Thank you ladies.
So this week two more six mile runs are on tap followed by a nine mile run next Sunday.
In five years I would like to write 70 is a highway, a speed limit, my age and the distance of my last ultra.
Hey you "gotta dream"!

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