Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Posts

I am trying to become a runner.
I had never liked running, even 5 months ago, when I decided to begin running.
I am not sure why I wanted to run but now it seems natural.
The book, Born To Run, has become a light in the darkness for me.
I actually enjoy running, I enjoy meeting and talking with the people that run.
I have a running partner, Amy, also a novice runner who began running at the same time as myself.
I am more than twice her age and she could easily outrun me but instead follows my pace and we run.
So far my knees are holding up, hips-OK, calves a little tight after a long run but I am able to go back to Boot Camp the following day.
I and Amy are planning on running a half marathon in April.
Andy has also said he is going to join us.
The way I see it the more the merrier, the after party can be a lot bigger especially if all cross the finish line on their own power.
I will not be competing with anyone but myself and the "crawly" demons that begin to inhabit your brain at mile six or seven.
We just finished an 11 mile run, one day ago, yes the "crawly" things did show up right on time.
Like true novices, we went out without water or "Goo".
By the 8 or 9th mile we were seeking water like parched ground in a long drought.
We found it at the University of Evansville and the Lexus Dealership, thanks guys.
Also at mile 9, I was out of fuel, quick fuel, carbs, sugar and was even wobbling slightly with each step.
Again, the Lexus Dealership to the rescue, a stash of doughnut balls for customers waiting in the service department.
We ran into the dealership and like a deranged bandit I immediately sought out the doughnut balls and ate one.
The sugar rush was intense.
I could actually feel my brain rebooting and the muscles coming back on line.
Amy refrained saying she was going to eat 10 eggs when it was over.
We ran through the dealership greeting friends and surprising a few unsuspecting customers, two sweaty, mismatched runners, thanking everyone for the water and sugar.
When we finally saw our cars in the parking lot of Bob's gym we both felt a sense of real accomplishment.
We had completed 11 miles.
The times can get better, preparation can get better, planning can get better but the half marathon in April no longer seems just a dream.

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