Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Day, Another Run, Alice's Restaurant

A 4 mile run.
Today, Amy, Alice, Becky, Scott and Jason all joined in for all or at least part of the 4 miles.
It was indoors on the treadmill.
Not as good as running outdoors in the sun but still producing lots of endorphins.
Sunday will be an outdoor run, 8 miles, the Frenchman's Trail.
The temperature is predicted to hit 54* F.
It might rain but hopefully later in the day.
Amy and Alice are both scheduled for Sunday.
Today Alice bailed out early to, you won't believe this, to go eat Eggs Benedict.
I call them Benedict Arnold Eggs, because they betray you.
They taste wonderful, the Hollandaise Sauce is delightful, the Canadian Bacon, WOW.
The calories though are heavy duty; enough to seriously wound or kill your diet.
One source quoted 879 calories per serving, the equivalent of running 5 miles per hour for 80 minutes.
Alice, on the other hand, has a one of those metabolisms that can take the hit and suffer no damage.
I am trying to become a "Monk" following the ascetic lifestyle through the practice of nutritional penance.
It is good training for Lent.
I also believe dropping more weight will help me run faster and make it easier on my joints.
So I will keep running, listen to the storied meals of others and avoid "Alice's Restaurant" where you can have anything you want including Eggs Benedict.

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