Thursday, January 26, 2012

Visceral Pain

Yep, it is real and it can exist in a shoulder.
I have been fighting a shoulder pain for about three months.
Shoulder presses, bench presses all make it feel bad but not so bad that I want to quit.
I really feel that if I quit I will lose a lot of ground and ground is hard to gain when you are aging.
So this morning after lifting and avoiding the shoulder a friend offered to help stretch my shoulders.
I was all for this as I have done this in the past and it has been remarkable.
Today was different, the pressure was gradual and downward and suddenly something in the shoulder "popped" both actually and figuratively.
It made a distinct vibration that caused the air to move and produce a "pop" one could hear at a distance.
The person applying the pressure suddenly had a "sick" look on their face and I felt something deep in my gut turn over.
Wait a minute, this is a shoulder how does it cause pain in the gut?
I don't know but I suspect we are all wired differently in small ways and somehow my shoulder sensors register in my gut.
I didn't get nauseated but I knew I was not going to get up easy.
But hey, I am tough, I have broken a lot of bones, I have had surgery and dental extractions so what is a little shoulder pain?
I hopped to my feet and immediately knew I was going to fall head first into a Cybex Machine and I was betting the Cybex Machine would be less dented than me so I took a knee.
In football that stops the clock and you get to reconsider the next play.
It did stop the clock, the dizziness disappeared and on getting up the second time I was ale to navigate to another part of the gym and "yes" the shoulder was free of pain.
Well then I decided I will go ahead and run my five miles today.
Guess what, the dizziness decided to stay for the next hour.
The good side of this story, I did lose weight this morning and my appetite never came back the rest of the day.
Maybe this is the way to control my intake, more visceral pain.
Can somebody "pop" my other shoulder?

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